Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Far

So far this summer we:

Have gone swimming a bunch.
Watched a ton of movies and SpongeBob.
Fed the ducks at the park.
Seen a Parade.
Walked down to see our local Fourth of July Fireworks.
Waited to watch the Space Shuttle to go up only to not be
able to see it for the clouds.
Laughed as Daddy showed off his new talent (juggling).
Celebrated our wedding anniversary.
Donated old clothes to Goodwill.
Been eating more sandwhichs and salads for dinner. Light fare for hot summer nights.
Done crafts with the kiddos.
Planted lots of color in the yard (mostly daddy).
Taken lots of photos.
Scrapbooked and crafted a lot (mostly me).

We are Planning to:

Go to the beach some evening.
Get a year membership to our local zoo.
Go to the Aquarium in Tampa.
Have a yard sale.
Make hand puppets with the kiddos.
Take Little Mister J to see his first movie in the theatre.
Go bowling as a family(anyone know if one night is better than the others for kids?).

I am sure I will be adding to my list! Hope you are having a fun summer!