Friday, June 12, 2009


Oprah was very profound yesterday. She was challenging families to consume less. Less food, less money, less resources. She was also challenging them to unplug and get back in touch with each other. We are in a very technology based world right now. It seems that no one can be without there cell phone, computer, TV, video games etc. Our kids are growing up zombies in front of the TV. We do not talk to them and if we do it is to tell them to be quiet. The family dinner has been replaced by the fast food drive through. We are a world that is so in touch we are out of touch with the people that should matter most, our family.

Without even realizing it we have been doing the Oprah challenge for awhile now. We have not had cable in our house for (gasp) two years now. We try to do all our running around for the week on one or two outings. We do not have a home telephone. We eat at home more often than not, and we always TRY to eat together as a family. I take my lunch to work instead of doing fast food. We try to eat organic foods when it is feasible (economically). We do not buy bottled water, we have a Brita pitcher at home and hubby and I each have a Nalgene bottle to take to work. We have no furniture that was bought new, everything was either given to use or bought second or third hand. And no, my house does not look like a college apartment, it is quit comfortable and clean. well, except when my kids spill on the floor. On the weekend I try not to text,Twitter, blog, surf the net, watch TV. We only have one car and although it is 14 years old, it is quit good on gas(I love you Saturn :) ). We play with our kids more and get more done around the house since we have started this.

Now, by no stretch of the imagination am I preaching, we are far from perfect on this. we still consume and waste more than I would like. I still make my weekly pilgrimage to the craft store. I still end up throeing out food, drink 8 Diet Coke cans a day, use paper towels and paper plates more then we should. I come home some days after everyone being gone and all four TVs are still on WTH. However, we are working on it. I feel we have taken large strides from where we were to where we are.

What are you doing to live a life with "less"? Have a great weekend, sorry for the rambling.