Monday, June 8, 2009


Good morning! I am feeling refreshed after a relaxing weekend. I decided Friday night that I would take the weekend to decompress from technology. No updating twitter, no reading or writing blogs, no texting(boy, that was hard to do!) and I feel good for it. Sometimes it is easy to forget that we did not always have these things taking time away from our family and chores. I hardly even watched any TV all weekend except for the weather and when I was going to bed.

J had his friend over on Saturday and they ran around like crazy for about four hours. Then he went off to see his mimi and papa N. So, me and L hung out playing. She is growing so fast and is such a good baby! Hubby, L and I had lunch at Chili's. I was feeling some creative juices flowing, so I decided to make a little book out off baseball card holders. It is all about my favorite things and turned out better than I expected. It was so simple to put together. Then at night J comes to me and says "I have a question for you, now, this is very important. Do you want to come watch my movie with me?" He cracks me up. I guess that is important to a 3 1/2 year old.

Sunday we went and did some running around. Went to Target and got some new DVD's. also got Frappacinos from Starbucks while we were there. Stopped at Joann's, okay, do they ever get ANYTHING new in? I just got white cardstock and white thread. Then it was on to Wal-mart. The store we go to is being remodeled so it is hard to find your way around right now. We got L a new car seat. poor thing, we kept bumping her head every time we were putting her in the old one because it sits up so high. Anyway, then hubby vacuumed, yes I said vacuumed my car! Whoo hoo for small miracles. So, now precious little L is all set up to not get anymore knots on her head :)

All in all it was a great lazy weekend.