Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Good morning! So, the latest with Little Miss L, besides her being cranky alllllll the time lately is that she is turning into a mimic. She was at my mom's the yesterday and got on the phone and said 'hey' I totally thought that I was talking to Little Mister J because that is what he says to me on the phone as a greeting. Needless to say I start asking my 18 month old daughter if she has been going to the potty good all day and sharing with your sister nice. It was only when I heard 'ahbahchamacaeeeeeeee' that I realized who I was talking to. Then yesterday afternoon when hubby came home she came tearing around the corner saying 'hey' to him too. So, so funny! I mean she sounds EXACTLY like her brother, seriously!

In crafty news, I have been looking all over for Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist or Maya Road Maya Mist and can not find them anywhere locally. I would have to order online and they are like 6 or 7 dollars per bottle. That really adds up when you figure all colors there are of this totally cool stuff. So, I googled how to make Glimmer Mist and lo and behold I found a website (sorry, can't remember whose) that had a formula using either food coloring, alcohol ink, or Tim Holtz Distress Re-inkers plus rubbing alcohol, water and shimmer pearls. They turned out WAY better that I could have hoped for. I made purple and light blue last night and I LOVE it! Now, to just get more empty bottles and more shimmer pearls! If you want to know how to make your own leave a comment or just google 'How To Make Glimmer Mist'

Have an awesome day!