Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Alright, so , we have had an influx of afternoon thunderstorms here. The other evening Little Mister J, who is obsessed with policemen, firefighters and their automobiles, came into our bedroom( past his bedtime mind you) and told me "I am the Police and here to save you if you get struck by lighting, because that is what polices do." Awww, how sweet. He freaks me out sometimes because he will come running around the corner to me yelling "The polices are here!" and I think "oh my GOD!" Then he will tell me "I am the polices." Whew... not that the "polices have any reason to be a my house, but you never know.

On to other topics, I will be delivering at least 11 cans of food to our food bank this week after I do our weekly shopping. I will probably round it up to an even 20 though. I will also be mailing out the Card for Heros cards I made last month( I know, finally, huh?). I have been branching out creatively wise. I have been doing watercolors and beading along with scrapping and card making. I don't know why but my head is almost bursting with ideas! I wish I had more time to let it all out, but I work with what I have.

Hope you have an awesome day, I know I will.