Thursday, July 2, 2009


I discovered a new way to make my crafting money stretch. You know the hard plastic wrapping that almost every single thing you buy comes in? Well, I learned that by cutting it into flat sheets ,whatever size you can manage from the particular package you have, you can then run those sheets through your Sizzix or Cricut machine and make your own acetate embellishments (think Heidi Swapp Ghost Hearts, Flowers, etc.). You may need to run the plastic through the Sizzix a couple of times to get it to cut all the way thru. Also, on the Cricut you may need the Deep Cut Blade. All of this is contingent on how thick the plastic is you are working with. You could also use the plastic that they make little "windows" in packaging with for a transparancy look. I have tried this out and my little acetate embellies are just the coolest, they turned out better than I thought when I first thought to try this. So, not only am I saving money by making my own embellishments, I am also doing a little something for the environment.

Have a good one! Leave comments if you have tried this out and let me know how it works for you.