Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Epiphany

Good morning, Good day, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night. This should be a quick one today. So, I took a ton of pictures of the kiddos this weekend. Seems I got more of little miss L than mister J though. After taking some pictures of the kids together in their mismatched clothes (their clothes matched just not one kid to other make sense?). Anyway...I had a total photo epiphany, and I know that I and everyone else who takes photos has heard this before but...I changed them to black and white and Holy Amazingness (not a word, I know), They looked FAB! It just finally clicked. I do not need to do any cropping, retouching or erase all the toys and clutter, just put it in black white and all is beautiful and soothing. I might even start to wear just black and white all the time it looked so good. Ha ha. Crazy humor. This was so easy and the results were perfect to me they ended up looking like portraits. Zoomed in their faces, blurry background. Awww, I get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it :) .

Have a most awesome day. It will be a hot one here so I will be busy making sure my face does not melt off.