Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday started off with hubby going fishing early. So, it was me and the wee ones in the morning. L was awake first, then J woke at around 8:30 which is really late for him to sleep in. J decided he wanted to watch Toy Story 2 and proceeded to go into zombie mode in front of the TV. He would not even come to the table to eat breakfast, and made a big mess of eggs all over the sofa! Sigh, I obviously can not have anything nice! The rest of the day went smoothly, J was pretending to be a fighter-fighter(firefighter) and an old belt was his hose! I swear that kid has an imagination like I have never seen before! We made our weekly pilgrimage to Wal-mart and stocked up on goodies for the week.

Sunday we started off early. Hubby mowed the lawn and has it looking gooooood. We took the kids to the duck pond. I had like, four loaves of bread in the freezer that we took with us. However, it was hot and there was no breeze, so needless to say the ducks had other plans. They were totally not into our bread. So sad, all that bread just floating in the pond and no one wants to even nibble on it! We went to target afterwords and got photo paper, I also need ink for the printer but of course they were out of what I needed. So, home we went to make taco burritos, which are burritos that were supposed to be tacos. They were yummy and even the vegetarian kiddies ate them. the kiddies then decided to jump on the bed in J's room. Bad bad bad. i did laundry and mopped the floor, Am I a barrell of fun or what?

On another note, I finished my original goal of 50 cards for cards for heroes ( ). Now I think I will shoot for 100. Wish me luck. I think that this organization is very worhty of the little bit of time it took me to do this. They should be counted as heroes too.
All in all a very relaxing weekend. I hope yours was the same.